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Weather Forecast of Big Bear Lake is provided by Ben Brissey. The regional forecast includes the five-day forecast, satellite images, water vapor maps, radar and a much more.

Big Bear Lake Climate information includes the weather report average daily and monthly temperature and precipitation using data from 1998 to present. Provided by the National Weather Service.

Earthquake Information

This is a Fault map of Big Bear and its surrounding regions. Big Bear is located is about 34 15'  North and 116° 51'  West. Click on a fault to see more information about it.

Recent Earthquakes interactive map shows you information about an earthquake almost immediately, including the size, time and location. The size of the square on the map indicates the magnitude. The color indicates how recent the earthquake was (last hour, last day, last week). At the bottom of the page is a list of the 30 most recent earthquakes from this map. See details about the quake by clicking on the link or by clicking on the square on the map. Big Bear is located approximately 34 15' North and 116° 51' West, just above the word "San Bernardino", within the white loop (which are the highways).

Road Conditions

Big Bear Road Conditions is an interactive map. Click on the road that you wish to view. You will see Big Bear marked on the left side of the map along with the 18, 38 and 330 highways. Using the map gives you a picture of where each road is located, as well as its conditions. Also available is the text-only display of road conditions. For more information, refer to the Big Bear weather reports. Winter Driving Tips and chain requirements are contributed from Caltrans, which includes an explanation of R1, R2, R3 road conditions.

Snow Reports

Current Lake Levels

Big Bear Municipal Water District lake levels

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